Over 100 years

History Over 100 years...

1919 / Marc Sourdillon, high school engineer, creates his 1st factory in La Roche Posay to produce stamped brass greasers

1927 / He moves the plant to Esvres as he needs space to grow and water power for the machinery

1936 / He starts the production of gas valves when Shell introduces butane in cylinders

1939 / The plant produces rocket shells during the 2nd world war

1945 / He splits the plant in Esvres into 2 parts: stamping and valves production

1949 / He expands again the company building a new plant in Veigné (current location) fully dedicated to valves production to face a very strong demand of the market; when the Esvres unit focuses on stamping

1956 / He sells the Veigné plant to industrials from Tours and keeps the stamping unit

1958 / Sourdillon Veigné produces its first thermostats

1959 / Marc Sourdillon sells the Esvres unit to the same industrials who recreate the former “Sourdillon” company

1970 / He passes away

1972 / Sourdillon patents the aluminium valve and introduces it on the market despite a strong reluctance of all players and when all competitors remain in brass (most of them will copy Sourdillon afterwards)

1973 / The company is sold to the British group “Delta”

1988 / The company becomes one of the worldwide leaders of cast burners and exports 75% of its production around the world

1993 / Sourdillon opens a plant in Ringold USA

1995 / Sourdillon buys Acrotec in Mexico which becomes “Sourdillon Mexico”

1997 / Sourdillon opens an office in Brazil

2002 / Burner Systems Internal (BSI), an American group buys the Sourdillon group and changes its name

2012 / BSI is sold to the American edge fund Aterian

2015 / BSI France (Sourdillon historic) is bought by a familial British fund and becomes again “Sourdillon”: the well-known worldwide brand

2019 / Sourdillon will celebrate its century